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On Command’s journey, a year on from the first lockdown and COVID-19

What a year it has been. Masks, lockdowns, groups of 6 meetups. It’s definitely been very turbulent. I honestly have become one of those people that feel uncomfortable hearing the word tiers. Let’s stick to tiers only being in cakes. While we were reflecting back on the year, I can’t help but be grateful that we made it through. We have learned so many things, that has definitely made our business more resilient. Below are some of our fondest COVID-19 experiences and discoveries.

We love Zoom

Before the virus I hardly used Zoom. I loved meeting our clients face to face. Having a lovely catch up and taking about how to bring their websites up to scratch. Once the pandemic was in full swing, Zoom seemed so much easier than the previous video chats I had used. Zoom has better bandwidth, clear videos and the ability to add so many users.

We learn to run a lot more

Fitness plays an important part in business. At On Command we support wellness and health. We can’t serve our clients if we are not taking care of ourselves. We are grateful that we were able to continue running regularly regardless of the various restrictions.

We added more branding services

Launching a new venture can be stressful so we wanted to create our company as a place where a business owner can shop for both branding and websites. We love creating websites that are responsive and giving our clients a sense of pride when they show their site to customers.  

Our Network

We are part of the wonderful BNI network that allows us to plug in with other likeminded businesses. During the pandemic they provided our company with creative tools and seminars to continue to able to trade. Outside of the BNI we have some amazing clients who have always provided us with amazing support and continued to do business with us.

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