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I need to hire a web designer, where do I look?

Hire a web designer

There are so many options in creating a website it can seem a bit daunting. First you need to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. What is my budget?

  2. Can I use a web builder myself?

  3. Will I be able to do my website SEO?

Once you have answered these questions you can figure out where to go for your web design needs. Below I will breakdown three client categories.

No budget/Low budget

There are some great web builders out there, and those of you who can’t afford a web designer can possibly look into this. I do have to warn you that a level of learning is required, and you really need to be honest with yourself when it comes to learning.

Some web builders require you to understand how websites function, some have the option of dragging elements. The easiest web builders are the ones that come with a hosting package like GoDaddy.

The downside to using a hosting web builder is the lack of flexibility and the design of the themes are often outdated. The sites are also not mobile friendly so eventually you will need to think about getting a designer to help you.

Medium budget £1000- £10,000

This kind of budget allows you to work with a web design freelancer or a small web design agency. You don’t have worry about your site’s design, or whether it will need to be mobile friendly.

The company can help you through it all. You really have the freedom to express your needs and depending on the company, and their ability to develop sites, will be able to develop a responsive modern site.

The key thing to make sure is that your site is optimized and ready to receive organic traffic. An experience web designer can prep your site with the initial SEO, but ongoing SEO also needs to be implemented.

High budget £10,000+

This kind of budget is for multilevel sites such as social networks, SAAS companies and large ecommerce solutions. For a high budget project, you should expect your designer to build a custom secure site, optimized for mobile devices, with a modern design.

The site needs to be able to be on a strong hosting package that can support high amount of traffic. Depending on the agency taking on this type of project it can take up to 3 months to build.

We will always recommend that you invest in a good web designer. Your website is essentially your shopfront and the first impression for a potential client. As your company grows think about creating a budget to explore improving your existing site. This short term outlay will be a long term investment.

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