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How to create a brief for your future website?

Having a new website should be a happy, calming experience without being overwhelmed.

As a business you don’t have time to be going back and forth with design agencies. So the team at On Command have come up with some simple steps to help your project be successful and stress free. These steps can work for both a start-up skeleton or a fully fleshed out brand. 

1 – Write down your mission in 1 line:

It is always beneficial to go back to the basics. Ask yourself why you do this apart from revenue. What is it that you really represent? 

2 – Choose 3 colours:

Choose 3 colours that you love and represent your brand. From here we can help you with your pallets choice and work on what will best suit you. 

3 – Choose 1 header font and 1 paragraph font:

When it comes to fonts 3 is the magic number in the design world. But we believe after years of trial and error, that the eye can adjust to 2 fonts without it becoming too complex. Choose two that you like, and we can help you come to the conclusion of how to visualise it.

4 – Find an image that represents your company:

This can be absolutely anything you like. We want to see your personality. We believe that your business should be sprinkled with every part of what you like. This image will help us customise a site that suits your style. 

5 – Ask questions:

If you are nervous about any aspect of your website or brief. Ask as many questions as you need to, no question is silly or unnecessary. Don’t let anyone belittle your questions. For your brand every question is important and valuable.

There you have it, how to create a brief. I hope you find your future website design process less of a headache when you apply these tips. Do get in touch for a free consultation or an informal chat. 

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