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Branding design do’s and don’ts

On Command Tips: Branding design do’s and don’ts

Where do I start? Brand design is so vital when it comes to your business. One of the most important assets of any brand is its logo. Your logo is the eyes to the soul of you company. It is imperative that it makes a good impression at first glance, as well as evoke familiarity and trust in the long term.

Branding is more than just the logo it also needs to have a sense of character, colours, and evoke feeling at first sight. So, to help you create a brand identity that conveys your business message, here are On Commands “do’s and don’ts” of branding and logo design.


  1. Consider your target market

You need to attract your customers to purchase from you repeatedly. Make sure your brand appeals to them, spend some time researching and defining your target audience before moving on to the design stage.

  1. Simplicity is key

Clean font, limited colours and recognisable simple design. Think of all the big brands and their logos. It is important that your logo can stand the test of time and be printed on many items without looking out of place.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

It may be tempting to copy designs that have been around forever, but if you really want to be remembered for the right reason create your own designs. Hire a branding expert to create a memorable branding layout that will retain your customers and bring you more leads. 


  1. Make it inflexible

Remember to test various colours of your logo to ensure it can be placed on everything. To make sure your logo looks its best in all possible applications, consider different coloured backgrounds and positions during the design process.

Hire a designer that will create a couple of variations of your logo (such as black, white and coloured variations, and portrait and landscape variations) but make sure you use the same proportions throughout.

  1. Lo-res image

Have you ever tried re-sizing a tiny image? Now imagine it as your logo. This happens because they are made up of individual pixels, raster images become blurry when they are enlarged. Vector images, on the other hand, are based on mathematical formulas and are made up of lines and curves so they don’t suffer the same fate. Make sure you ask your designer to create your logo and elements as vector graphics.

  1. Do overs

Stop constantly changing your branding with every new trend. Your audience needs to see you regularly and remember your colours, your logo and font. To become a household name, your identity needs to remain the same.

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