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Best Platforms for E-commerce

Online shopping is such an amazing tool. I am guilty of buying absolutely everything from clothes to food. The online store industry has had a massive boom in the last 10 years. We have even seen big high street players move their businesses online. Retail giant Primark has also just announced their online store will be available soon. Here I will share some great ways to have your business online. Just a quick word of warning some of these platforms are easy to use, but it is advised, for maximum fluidity, that having some coding knowledge will come in handy. 

Code a new page with an online shop onto your existing website:

This will not be simple for the average business owner but if you have a web designer the process is very swift. Remember to add a few payment methods such as Paypal and Stripe. Most web designers forget this important feature, but it is also good to embed an ‘abandoned cart’ feature to prompt customers to review their cart and make a purchase. An ‘Abandoned cart’ feature is a line of code that can identify that a potential customer has put a product in the cart but not purchased it. At the point of selecting a product, the customer would sign in using their email address so the feature would then send out an email to remind the user that their product is still in the cart waiting to be purchased. This feature has been great at generating sales that could have potentially been lost.


Shopify is an absolute game changer in the e-commerce world. Through this web builder you can have access to beautiful modern sites and also a free connection to endless products through Oberlo, which is a dropshipping company via Shopify. The downside with most web builders is that if your coding knowledge is limited you are stuck with a basic theme. You also have to rely on expensive ‘add on features’ that you may not totally understand how to use.

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