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5 Tips to improve your Website SEO organically.

I know a lot of people who find SEO for business just mind boggling and the term itself just intimidating. This article aims to help you fight off the funk we feel towards SEO. So what is SEO? SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimisation. So why is it important? This allows businesses to be found when searched for in any search engine. The main way to be found on search engines is to have your website linking onto various sites in a relevant way. This has an organic way of leading back to your site. So let’s begin the tips:

1.Join business directories

A business directory such as yahoo business directory and Yell are great ways for customers to find you.

2.Join social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Pinterest are great tools to drive traffic to your site. If you have a marketing budget it would be good to pay for ads for popular posts to reach a wider audience. 

3.Add google analytics to your site

This is more of a tool to allow you to observe your best SEO strategy and what to focus your budget on. Installing google analytics is very user friendly and I highly recommend that we all become friends with the tool. 

4.Guest blogging 

Offering your expertise to a popular relevant blog or business owner provides your business with more exposure and usually there is room for you to link back to your website. This allows you to have another link. 

5.Paid google ad campaign

Google ads can quickly become expensive, but it is a sure way to make your website rank highly on Google. Make sure you use meta tags and that phrases match with what customers are searching for. This allows you to make the most of your paid campaign. 

There you have it, On Command’s top tips that most people can easily use. If however you would rather let the nerds handle it then email and we can tailor make a package for you.

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